Campaign to bring private prosecutions made by the RSPCA under the control of the CPS




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    RSPCA target vunerable

    Post  moonstone on Wed Dec 17, 2008 9:21 am

    I AGREE with you 100 percent Very Happy This orgsnisation needs looking into and fast Crying or Very sad before they seize any more innocent animals from their caring owners Evil or Very Mad
    I can,t help but think that they seem to target owner,s that actually love their pets and try their hardest to look after them and give them a good quality of life Smile yet IGNORE those who neglect and abuse their animals Shocked
    You only have to look at the fiasco that happened at Shindler,s farm with all those poor horses/donkeys to know that if they believe that a rescue will cost them their precios "DONATIONS" THEN THEY WILL TURN A BLIND EYE Evil or Very Mad RSPCA were aware of the conditions at that farm for several years yet did nothing affraid leaving the horses to their sad fate Sad even after they went in the ILPH,Redwings and one local (unfunded) RSPCA branch were left to take the brunt of the expense of caring for the animals,the unfunded branch had to beg for donations to help with cost of caring for their rescue horses as they got nothing from H.Q.
    They definatly pick on "soft" victim,s were they are sure of getting a conviction and therefore publicity No I have heard of several rabbit rescues who have been raided and had their rabbits removed which means that less bunnies get new homes and will be PTS.


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    Post  duckindafta on Tue Dec 16, 2008 3:53 pm

    Can i just say that this is once again a case of the RSPCA targeting vulnerable people. When the RSPCA was formed it helped people who were finding it difficult to look out to their animals. In this day and age the RSPCA are only concerned in one thing and that is prosecuting animal lovers over the simplest thing and I am not only talking about adults children under the age of 16 are being taken not only to the magistrates court but also the high court. Ever since the government passed the animal welfare act of2006 it has given the RSPCA carte blance to "act" like police officers and intimidate people who are suffering ill health without no form of help from them.
    In dorset alone people are having animals seized with the help of police officers.With no chance of clearing their names it can cost them thousands. One gentleman has had one horse from 9 seized and he now has a criminal record for ill treatment he is house bound and is 91 yrs old and out of pocket to the tune or £65,000 !! Another person has had dogs seized refused the chance of a second vets opion and has been suffering illhealth for 3 yrs and nowhas a criminal record for not being able to look after her pets as she wanted to.
    The RSPCA have nomorepowers in law that any person reading this entry so why are they allowed to get away with their bulling tactics.
    Why is the government giving an organisation who has cast iron links with a criminal/terrorist organisation namely the animal liberation front, the powers to prosecute people.

    The only thing the RSPCA are interested in is making money from the government and the animalloving public through prosecutions.
    Allof this has been recently been highlighted on the BBC radio and BBC tv.
    The RSPCA now can , under their own admission, enter anybodys home with a pet in residence and take the animal and hold the owner to ransom.
    Have you got up to £65,000 to spare to clear your name!!!

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