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    rspca ruined my life


    Trilby Bee

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    Your Laminitic Pony

    Post  Trilby Bee on Sat Oct 29, 2011 4:18 pm

    Dreadful story, so sorry. If the RSPCA vet didn't know that the way to keep a laminitic pony sound is by keeping its weight down then he should be struck off. To fatten them up is totally the wrong thig to do. Could your own vet not speak up for you? Most of the horses you see are overweight, World Horse Welfare (formerly ILPH) admit there are loads of overweight horses and that because they are overweight they have health problem. But tell me, how many people are taken to court because of a fat animal? None. Fat kids and fat parents are unhealthy too. Hope you have got over the sadness now, but what a terrible way to lose your horse without being able to say goodbye. flower


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    RSPCA ruined my life

    Post  moonstone on Sat Jul 02, 2011 11:48 am

    Dear mum23 Smile you are NOT ALONE in feeling like this Crying or Very sad they made me feel like that too Evil or Very Mad I understand the shame/humiliation that you were put through by being branded an animal abuser Embarassed i felt that too Embarassed
    I am so sorry that you were put through such an awful experience but that is the RSPCA for you Evil or Very Mad they intimidate you into giving up your pet,s knowing that you love and care for them No
    They were NOT within their rights to remove your horses without a court order No they have broken the law but that will not bother them Twisted Evil they got what they wanted (your horses) Sad
    I hope that you are feeling more positive now and am sorry that you have suffered the loss of your horses through no fault of your own Sad did your vet have any input on your case?
    You were not the first to have this happen to you and neither will you be the last Evil or Very Mad
    HOPEFULLY one day someone will expose this horrible Evil or Very Mad bullying Evil or Very Mad evil organisation for what they really are Very Happy


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    so sad for your loss

    Post  dollyanna10 on Fri Nov 19, 2010 12:57 pm

    have you tried contacting the shg 0844 700 6690 they may be able to help and they really do understand what the rspca are like


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    rspca ruined my life

    Post  mum23 on Sun Jan 03, 2010 11:52 am

    Three years ago the rspca ruined my life. I have just discovered this website and I finally feel I am not alone in being destroyed by these people. Please be patient while I tell my story.
    For twenty years we owned a pony who was in every sense of the word a member of the family. Having owned her since I was thirteen she was my best friend. She always had the best of care. She was always stabled at night in winter, had the best hay and feed money could buy. When I had my first child the first place I took my baby to at one day old was to meet my pony. As I was heavier and she was older we looked forward to a peaceful and happy retirement. We even bought her a companion shetland and they lived in a beautiful paddock with two large stables and a rain shelter. Then she got laminitis, a disease caused by eating too much rich grass. she was seen by a vet and prescribed medication and a special food which we gladly bought year in year out. On vetinary opinion we had to keep her on the lean side. Our junior vet saw her three months before the rspca came for her injections and said she was fine for an aged horse. Then in Jan 2007 the rspca came. My mum and I were at the field with a delivery of hay and feed, and the inspector was horrible to us, two women who adore animals and who wouldnt say boo to a goose. He said we weren't feeding our horse, even showing him the full feed bins and the morning's used bucket, and talking to our feed merchant would not convince him otherwise. We explained about her medical condiotion but he wouldnt listen he just read us our rights as if we were being arrested. He then called the police. I must state we had said nothing violent or threatening we are not that sort of person. To cut a long story short they took both horses. Over the weeks my mum contacted the sanctry for news, our horse had had a full medical check up and there was nothing wrong with her. In the spring they put her on lish grass she got laminitis and died in great pain. This would not have happened if she had been with us her loving owners.
    As for me I suffered severe anxiety attacks and could not leave the house for about five months afterwards. I am on anti depressants and reciece counselling. I wish I had thwe strenghth to prosecute but i don't. The rspca took away all my happy memories of my horse and the life we shared for nearly twenty one years, they also took my confidence and most of my happiness.
    Thank you for reading.

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    Re: rspca ruined my life

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